Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Hear Me on SoundCloud!

I shall also claim here an opportunity to flaunt my musical skills. I create on an ordinary acoustic six-string a neatly decorated and flourished array of simple structures, emulating styles ranging from rock to space. I've also written a handful of my own pop-style compositions — a songbook that I hope to expand soon and often. Meanwhile, I submit for your consideration and approval these three collections of recordings, featuring eighteen original songs and a cover of a timeless radio staple about western life best known for its soaring sax (naturally absent here).

Click each original song for lyrics:

Going on Noon
Purpetule Haze
So Far From Home
Sweet Release
Thirst (Ambrosia)
A House With No Walls
Drive On
Society's Waste
Large Outside, Kitten Inside
Frequent Flyer
Down From Me (instrumental)
Blue Ballots (originally lyric-only "Pseudo-improv for a Grey, Post-Election Wednesday")
Beckoned (instrumental)
Vicious (not my image, but yes my music and lyrical embellishments)
Colds Suck
Objectionism (instrumental)
Now What
Baker Street (Rafferty)
Pointless Lament
Unemployed on Labor Day