Monday, February 25, 2013

Colds Suck (lyrics)

(to be sung in a Bob Dylan voice, natch. Chords are the same throughout, as indicated in verse one. The one verse with the extra line, the extra line gets the F.)

I can't breathe [G]
my head is so heavy
I think I'd rather
be creamed by a Chevy
truck [D]
colds suck [G]

My nose is obstructed
my throat is too
with uninterrupted
nasty goo
and muck
colds suck

I can't sleep
or be horizontal
without coughing so much
I feel like I'm gonna
colds suck

I can't go in
to work today
and with no sick time
from my pay
they'll deduct
precious bucks
colds suck

[harmonica solo]

Oh I've taken medicine
I hope it's helped
or maybe I couldn't
swallow those gel-
pills, they got stuck
colds suck

And I've just run out of tissues
and it's half past three
in the morning when nothing's open
now wouldn't that be
my luck
colds suck

Now I'm dripping on everything
which I'd rather not do
I imagine I'm thinking
the same as you:
colds suck

I can't breathe
it's a prospect that's frightening
I think I'd rather
be by lightning
colds suck

And I just feel sick as fu—[coughing and gagging fit upon hitting that D-chord]

[end simply on G]

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