Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Now What, Again

This isn't how it was supposed to go.

I came here with the intent to job-hunt after my brief stint as extra help for Valentine's Day for an inconspicuous chain business near Vanderbilt. After basically wrecking my fingers and back at that four-day job with one day carrying nineteen hours, I was able to squeeze in maybe three days of hunting between healing from that and contracting a horrendous head virus or two. I've heard from nobody to whom I've applied. I just made official my flight booking back to Ill-ennui three mornings from now. I'm heading back to the same old rut from which I came, and I have a head full of snot to show for it (though not quite as full as it was, thankfully). I haven't gotten to play any shows or see any of my friends here beyond my cousin's baby shower, the day before the Valentine's week stint. If nothing else, I've gotten to stay with my cousin, her husband, and two wonderful feline friends. And I've caught a taunting glimpse of what the real world is like.

I don't want to go to the flatlands. I left them for a reason. Nevertheless, my father's birthday is in just under a couple weeks, and I'm wanted there for that. Plus, my cousin and her husband here need time without me, with a baby on the way, people coming from all over to see the baby, and all kinds of things. This is a small house, and I'm not much good with babies. So, once again....I'm back in the puddle.

...if you can have a puddle in a land without valleys.

How long will I have to stay there? How much time does my cousin need? Is there any place that I can go? There must be someone 'round here who knows....

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