Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cheshire Adams - Now What?

Performed live for my poetry class, 12-6-11.

Well now, people told me when I was young, when I'm
Older, if I'm gonna have my fun, I gotta
Bust my ass all the while before, even
Though it may seem like an endless chore, it's gonna
Bring success to you when you are done, yeah it's
Gonna help you out in the long run, so now
Get to work and set aside your fears, you'll be
Good to rest in just a few short years

I had no way of knowing better
I followed everything to the letter
I hunkered down and I worked so hard
My ass is busted into shards

Here I am
Now what?

Well I sealed myself off from the social world, and I
Never even stopped to talk to girls, yeah I
Broke myself off from the world I knew, and I
Can't get back on 'cause I got no glue, but I

Got this glossy, nice certificate, and not a
Single clue for what to do with it. Tell me
Is there any place that I can go? There must be
Someone 'round here who knows

Here I am
Now what?

Take these shards of my shattered ass, and give me
Something I can use that'll last. See, I've
Been through hell and now I want out. I need
Something I can be about

Here I am
Now what?

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