Tuesday, January 1, 2019


Lucy in Cyberspace is by no means chicken soup for the mind. At best, it's a butternut squash loaded with spice, very much an "acquired taste" and not for everyone. Sometimes you may encounter some particularly strong spice, and you may be irked and perhaps offended by it. Should that happen, I urge you to not give up on digesting what I have to offer, but rather to keep going and hopefully come to have enjoyed it when you've finished, or at least have gained a certain degree of nourishment from it.

I get intensely personal at times, stroking intimacy in remote and utter darkness. Once in a while, I'll reinforce my thoughts with the sort of words that the creators of the FCC would prefer to have stricken from existence. I realize this is not everybody's cup of tea, or indeed, bowl of butternut squash; I hope nonetheless that enough people will at least signal to me somehow their acknowledgement of my transmissions that I may feel not so remote and dark.

This blog also doubles for me as a general opportunity for me to display my writing skills to the world in the hopes that somebody new may find them, consider them valuable, and in some way employ them (and me). In an effort to seem more "professional" than I am, I present three documents from my days in academia. May they appeal and endear.

Spacial Frame: A Poetry Anthology

C'est la Feline: A Short Story

And For Some of Us, the Only Way: A Creative Nonfiction Essay

I encourage you to contact me with anything you might have to say. You can e-mail me here, here, or here, follow me here, befriend me here, encircle me here, or simply comment on any post where you are now.

(This introductory post composed on 2012-12-17.)

(P.S. Lest any veteran readers miss the old video post, don't panic; it's in the archive.)

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