Tuesday, January 18, 2011


MLK Jr. Day Observed. I have no idea when his actual birthday is, but the man is nonetheless groovy. After all the civil rights activism, he spoke out about/against the Vietnam War and was criticized for it by civil rights supporters. Bizarre. Anyway, lovely that we have a day set aside to be thankful for equal opportunity, wholly independent of physical qualities, to wallow in the mire. C'est la vie.


Some of you may have noticed a decline in blog material of late. I sense it's connected to my mid-October signing on to Facebook. I actually have two accounts on Facebook — Cheshire Adams (who has actually been on Facebook rather longer, just not that actively), and then one under my real name. The latter was initially intended to get back in touch with people I used to know — old high school classmates, for instance (see Eruption Pending), 'cause they never heard of Cheshire Adams. If Cheshire Adams tells these people they know me, I'll probably be mass-blocked to the point of my account being axed by the man (or, more likely, the bot). But I got some three-hundred-forty-ish "friends" under my real name (apparently there's a fairly big difference between "Facebook friends" and actual friends), and so, since there's a pretty good sample of real people there — more varied than Cheshire's 48 friends — that account, in addition to being a reconnection tool, has kind of become my scratch paper — a launching pad for the sort of thoughts that would otherwise be posted here.

That said, I prefer to be polite on that account and stay away from the expletives. But in this increasingly frustrating world, I gotta let loose with those expletives someplace, and it would appear that this blog is the destination for my more explosive catharses.

That's right, Lucy in Cyberspace is gettin' artsy. So, since I have a couple short poems I wish to digitally scrawl down quickly, I'll put a bit of a warning somewhere near the top of this thing, and those of you who are turned off by this sort of material can catch up with me on Facebook. Or via e-mail. Or on the music fora through which you know me. And, those of you who don't know my real name: you can find it on the 'Book if you're clever.....

Well, another semester starts today.....joy.....


Mom, if you're reading this, Hi there! and, Some kind of social awakening has happened within me of late, and perhaps all of this explains everything. Now careful you don't get too nosy with the other account.

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