Monday, March 18, 2013

Question for my Feminist (and -ism) Friends

The other night, I went to see a few friends give a belly-dancing performance. At the request of one of them, I captured their performance on video via my family's digital camera. The video's still on the camera for playback. About half an hour ago, my mother took the camera in a desire to photograph Dinah the dog wearing a sweater intended for a human baby. I mentioned the video to her. She scrolled to it. Almost immediately, she said something along the lines of the following:

"Well, she's a bit big to be doing belly-dancing, isn't she?"

That's my mother.

So I'm curious now about my network of cyber-friends who might well be full-out infuriated by that sentiment. What are/were your parents like? Did they bring you up as you are, or did you evolve independently from roots in — words elude me here — dubious mindsets, as I seem to have done?


Rebecca said...

I dunno, I've always been a fan of Cass Elliot's music and the dancing she would do on stage, I never gave a crap about her being heavy (or Karen Carpenter being not). It's not like we all chose what we were dealt is how I feel. Let the heavy chicks dance! Whenever a woman judges another woman I just think 'rowr', what a bunch of cats, it's juvenile. Maybe the older generation wanted to compete to the death or something to feel superior now and then but I opted out realizing I'm a weirdo and can never win anyhow.

Cheshire Adams said...

I don't think it's just the older generation. Everyone wants to be/feel superior, generally speaking. And there hasn't historically been a shortage of subsets of ourselves to pick on.

But a groovy few of us dare to think and be differently. Weirdos unite!