Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cheshire Adams - Frequent Flyer

I prefer to spell it that way. So there.

Primitively recorded acoustic psych, with a bit of something that sort of resembles reverb added in Audacity. Vocals recorded separately, so that they may be audible. I wrote this just before the fall '08 semester began.

Your comments are welcome.

My blood is flowing
Rushing down
Above my head
Hovers the ground
Just floating
Hanging around

Then suddenly
It revolves
All reasoning
It dissolves
It's a mystery
I cannot solve

Don't know how I got here
Don't know how I'll return
Don't know a goddamned thing
My brain has burned

I feel I've been
Here before
But I just cannot
Place it for sure
Can't help but wonder
What it's all for

Instinct tells me
I must alight
But I'm so distant
And filled with fright
In this bright night

Don't want to stay up here
Don't want to go down
I sense it far off looming:
The stone-cold ground...........


Anonymous said...

Strange & cool. Stay well, don't crash!

"I feel I've been
Here before"

Deja Vu? - Elaine

Cheshire Adams said...

Ha ha, I didn't specifically have DV in mind when I wrote that. Just trying to describe the state of mind of a perpetually addled mind. Maybe that was the inspiration for the CSNY song.......

Rock on,

Momo said...

very soothing - I like it!