Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Right. This semester I'm fully intent on my second attempt at the "Intro to Narrative Writing" class that seems to be the prerequisite for my relatively new major, which is Rhetoric. Apparently, I have no trouble at all being in charge of a blog with nice little short-and-to-the-point messages that are easy to digest. Coming up with ideas for a full-blown "short story," on the other hand, is rather more of a challenge for me. Last semester, I was in the class for maybe three or four weeks before declining mental health at the time dictated that I drop down to one class. Had I stayed with that class, three short stories plus a revision would have been required from me in the space of some fifteen weeks. With the trouble I have coming up with one idea, coming up with three ideas would take me.....geez....a LOT more than a semester, that much I can tell you. Now, I certainly don't expect the structure of the class to change very much, so.....(deep breath).....I'm going to try. I'm going to bloody well try.

But I think I have my first idea now: a young blogger tries to persuade "the establishment" that old-style literature has had its day, and that The Blog is the new form of popular literature—simple blocks of ideas in simple language for a simple-minded public. (No offense.....) Unsuccessful with the mainstream, our hero(ine) goes underground and stirs the boiling cauldron of revolution, or some such metaphor, and sees just a small bit of progress right before his/her untimely demise........

How 'bout it? Worthy of anything?

(Forgive me if this post seems unfocused; listening to Zappa and writing at the same time is a bit of a trick.......)

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