Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cheshire Adams - Large Outside, Kitten Inside lyrics

Pulled me in like a vacuum
an inexorable grip
a black hole for the unpleasant norm
where time can just slip

Once as mighty as Everest
the vortex now remains
but in my brain
which is swirling
down that drain

A tranquil Saturday morning
where the wild things explode
we bonded like ions
in our peaceful abode

A time to bathe in a natural friendship
machines could flip off
you with your innate understanding
and a feel
so tender and soft

Was a bittersweet sixteen years ago now
now the spirit's aloft

Yes you're gone

The bright tulip had grown so tall
when along came the dogs of doom
a deadly chemical that just slashed
this thing that had bloomed

Now you and I could have stood up to them
but you retreated below
I was held up and captive
Scarred by your eyes' glow

On the blue moon where we'd meet
the air was so thin and cold

So numbingly cold

And I did my best to ignite the sun
but the sun was eclipsed by the world
and onto that planet's surface
I was hurled

Battered and bruised, dazed and confused
confined to five feet off the crust
as Mother Nature and Father Time
they got together
and rocked that blue moon to dust

Naught but dust

And the way that I feel
I doubt I will heal
for so long

For so long I will try
to see out in the sky
a new dawn

A new dawn that will let
me be free and forget
that you're gone

For while that sun shines
I know in my mind
you'll live on

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