Sunday, April 20, 2014

Going on Noon

Coming soon to a SoundCloud near you. (Providing said SoundCloud is behaving properly.)

Good morning hills
so deeply green
it takes some rain
to make that scene
so glad we made it
through that torrent
went so long
felt abhorrent
but it's all done now
at least for a little while
it's time to rise
and shine like a smile

all the damp and grey
feeds a perfect day
time to run and play
strife makes life

it takes some rain
to make things bright
the sun alone
got finite might
harmonic balance
meets desire
we gotta try it
lift us higher

if we sail too high
we will lose our minds
and if we stay too low
...well, I think we know.....

across the boulevard
folks are stretched so hard
they play their calling card
join in

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