Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thirst (lyrics)

One of my usual isolated angst rooted pop-rockers.

A dog eat dog world
ain't got much place for cats
such cannibal animals
just ain't where it's at

where'm I gonna run to
where'm I gonna go
who will I meet there
will either of us show

This courtship
don't short shrift
leave me on my own
your grain waves
your brain waves
shake me to the bone

who'm I gonna turn to
is it worth the trip
I need full nourishment
more than just a sip

nectar of the gods
tie the ends and odds
I ain't got a lotta time

you taunt my mortal reach
my sense of hope you breach
what holds ya
speakin' out is not a crime

this dog eat dog world
ain't for no one but the birds (and nasty curs)
we manifest at a test
of sheer power of our words (and we hope we're heard)

it's time we gotta act, now
for so long we've rehearsed
you recognize my needs
you can quench my thirst

in my cones and rods
tie those ends and odds
I told ya
pretty soon I gotta fly

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