Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Major-Minor (lyrics)

I still haven't quite figured out exactly how the music for this goes, but I can tell you that it's a highly Beatlesque piece, ideally played on a piano (which is not at all my instrument) and featuring copious slick musical references to the likes of Tintern Abbey, The Aerovons, Badfinger, "I Am the Walrus", some other things, and, as you may guess from these lyrics....."Hey Jude".

Hey Judas
don't make it worse
it's pretty bad
as it stands

your music
has scapes and verse
that belie
a crooked man

you waltzed into our hearts
with mass collections of the arts
you gladly shared
as though you cared

then we gave control you never had
and all since then we all too badly fared
we're past repair
what has you scared?

Hey Judas
please leave my skin
so I'll begin
to improve

'cause my mood is
so paper thin
it's prone to snap
right in two

the damage done, the havoc wreaked
you and the barkeep streaked
right down the hall
no last call

now I've got to say, your new dark days
your wily silent ways
of handling all
just appall
you just appall

where's the harmony (it's gone)
hear the harmony (in my song)
where's the harmony (all gone)
here you're harmin' me (what did I do wrong)

Hey Judas
yer scary mug
gonna get
counter-clocked some day

'cause your ass
is way too smug
and I sense
it's high time you paid


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