Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Drive On (lyrics)

Drivin' where I feel I should be
somebody wants me
endless grey is all that I see
it's temporary

Long as I'm needed
I'm gonna be there
I'm gonna drive
until I arrive

Glance around me at like minds
in front and behind me
they all got their own prizes
they're all around me

So I'd better mind them
while everyone finds them
as they all drive
until they arrive

I'd better take a break soon
clear my weary head
regain balance before I try
to drive on

Headin' where I feel I should be
you know that I need me
I'll be at the end if I keep
awake and wary

Where someone needs me
that is where I'll be
so I will drive
until I arrive

Where I am wanted
I will be on it
I'm gonna drive
until I arrive

I'm gonna be there
where I am needed
I'm gonna drive
until I'm alive

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