Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A tip for the "outsiders"

Some of you may not be too familiar with how a blog's "comments" work. Quite simply, you can communicate back to me by clicking on x comments at the bottom of any given post (where x is however many comments that post has), saying whatever you have to say in the provided typing field, and "publish(ing) your comment." This way, you can, for example, casually joke about a specific post without going out of your way to e-mail me. Dig?


Hazy Dave said...

Hey. You've been practicing! Those are pretty long songs, but I encourage you to keep it up; keep converting thoughts into sounds into ones and zeroes while you're young enough to know the difference...

I've heard nothing from IP Mk. X, meaning I was insufficiently active in IP Mk X-1, I suppose, but so it goes, and who gives a fuck anyway, as Frank used to say.

I have some 5 to 7 of the items on your wish list that are probably surplus to my immediate needs, but on the other hand, I bet you're not rich and interested in eBay bidding wars. Heh. Well, whatever.

"Let's keep in touch."

(Whoa, holy crap you have a link to my so-called blog here. Remind me to return the linkage!)

Cheers, HD

Cheshire Adams said...

According to the IP member list, your account is active. I probably should have mentioned, they don't actually tell you "Hey, your account's active now."

Yeah, no financial riches to speak of, and, indeed, no credit card or anything like that. On the other hand, it's the holiday season!...... :-D

It's also the season of changing climates and horrible head colds that result therefrom. Yecch.

Stay healthy and groovy!

I just remembered, I think I poured myself some tea and then forgot about it.... :÷}