Sunday, April 6, 2008


(And also a song by the Motions)

Let me know what you think of this thought.

I have often wondered what life would be like in the complete and utter absence of time-keeping devices. No calendars. The reason is, it seems our entire lives are governed by deadlines. We are all expected to have everything done by a certain day at a certain time, and to be entering different main phases of life at certain years of age. It seems to me that all of this makes for a cold, rushed and unfriendly culture.

(Thanks to my Anthropology 175 professor for this cartoon by Tom Cheney. I wish Blogger would show the whole image...)

So, what would happen without clocks and calendars? Would there, maybe, be a more relaxed atmosphere? With no rigid deadlines, would we be willing to let ourselves and each other take our time....make sure we get it right?

Or would total chaos and pandemonium ensue? What do you think?

Perhaps sometime in the future, when all humans, all clocks/calendars, and all, well, everything, are controlled by one central computer which then crashes, we'll find out......... (We're nearly there now, I think.)

Here's a song sent to me by a friend from It's PSYCH. It's a folk-style tune (parts of which sound very similar to Bob Dylan's Don't Think Twice, It's All Right) by the Motions, and it's called "Take Your Time." Cheers, Alex!

I just wonder, babe, why they can't slow down...........

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