Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hello World! (Pardon my muddy shoes; college is a bitch)

Greetings. My name.....for all intents and Cheshire Adams. Remember that; you'll be quizzed about it next period.

This, quite simply, is my brand new (as of this typing) outlet for whatever may be swirling through and around my brain. just good ol' fashioned non-sequiturs.

Aw, you're going off to click that little X in the corner already? Well,'s your choice, I suppose. I just wish you'd give me a little more time, though.........I'll post stuff. Much stuff. Unless something really weird happens to me between now and when I'm ready to post stuff. I doubt it, though....I've gone twenty-one and a half years, and I've yet to have an ounce of luck with women.

Seriously, though......feel free to raise your voice and sing if you are so driven. You can leave comments here, send a message over AIM to Farshimmelt, or send me or me
an e-mail.

Right. That's done now. Catch you on the B-side!

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