Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sorry, Aridol....

I thought it over. The use of only one color, in my own mind at least, signifies a mind that is rigid and unchanging. (Is that redundant? I can't tell.) My mind isn't like that. I gotta be able to move around.....let my mind float through space in whatever direction it may. The colors reflect this.

I also think one color is just plain ol' boring.

Anyone else think I should just post in one color?

Anyone else read this thing at all? I haven't seen any comments yet.


Anonymous said...

I say Bloody Cheek! (Being from this side of the pond)

Actually I'd like to refine my request to just one colour within each post and you certainly complied.

And now, for me at least, a modicum of fame. Just a modicum mind ...

Keep it up.


Cheshire Adams said...

*phew!* I just noticed this comment. How you doin'?

I suppose I should edit that other post just above this one..... :)