Monday, March 2, 2009

IGNORE THIS POST (This isn't the answer either...)

A while ago, I posted this question on here, and, naturally, got no response....well, no matter....I have a theory.....

When I leave the house, I leave the computer logged on under someone else's name. When I get to work, I log on as me and just kick off the other "user". The audio has worked every time so far since I started doing that.

Of course, I usually fail to do consecutive Remote Desktop sessions; I just do one at work and then come back home. But I may try, perhaps the next time I head into the city, to enable a remote connection for another user on this computer and then just keep kicking the other user or myself off as necessary.

Again, this is just a theory. I still fail to understand the logic of audio not always working the way it ought to via Remote Desktop. But I feel it's worth a shot.

Best of luck to anyone who has had this problem and might somehow stumble upon this obscure blog.....

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