Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm Cheshire Adams, and I Approve This Message

On the social networks — Facebook, the new Twitter account, and so on — I do not often blatantly promote my political opinions. I happily befriend people who promote theirs, most of them on the left, but I don't do it myself. I don't do it much in face-to-face, real-life conversation or beyond either. No lawn signs, very few vocal discussions/arguments, etc. I think part of the reason for this is that, well, (a) I don't get to interact with people in person much in the first place, but (b) I realize at my deepest instincts that no political expression of mine is likely to sway the opinion of anyone who encounters it. In cyberspace, chances are you're only friends with people who agree with you anyway. And anyone else that you're friends with is either hopelessly apathetic or not going to be your friend much longer. People got fixed mindsets; they believe what they want to believe. Y'know?

So, any political things I have to say go more or less exclusively here, on Lucy in Cyberspace. And, right here and now, I'm going to attempt to summarize my political beliefs. Bear with me, if you dare.

I want peace and civility. I want people to work together and help each other out without discrimination. In other words, I do not want an every-man-for-himself (and every-woman-for-himself, in the words of Mickey Rooney in It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World) free-for-all without compassion. Of course, guess what we got? And, as I've pointed out on here a couple posts down, guess what clearly ain't going away anytime soon?

So it seems that my beliefs and desires most closely align with the political left. In this country, that translates as "democrat". And please don't bother me with "down with the two-party system!" talk; the fixed mindsets of the general public won't allow for the success of new alternatives. Like it or not, republicans and democrats are what we got. And, like it or not (I fall in the latter category), the whole damn thing is shifted toward the aggressive right. So, from my perspective, our only hope is to vote democratic and see that we, the people, can't gradually influence people to drift back left in time.

Lots and lots of time.

That's about all I had to say for now. I now return you to your pictures of pets with sub-literate captions.


Momo said...

I agree!! I want peace and harmony and compassion for others. The right seems to have no compassion left.

Cheshire Adams said...

I'll just leave this here:

Apparently I've yet to master the art of blog comment editing.