Friday, November 23, 2012

A Special Message for Family and Possibly Others

"Black Friday" seems as good a time as any to say this. For the past few years, I've directed you to the "physical wish list" on the side of this blog in honor of your request for a list of things I'd like as holiday/birthday gifts. Of course, for the past few years, at least one of you has held on to being "tired of buying [me] CDs". This year, though, I don't mind.

It's not that I don't want chocolate; chocolate's always good. It's not that CDs are an obsolete format; they totally have been for years. What I want, right around now, is just simple support. Maybe it can come in a monetary form; maybe it can be some other bare necessity. The thing is, lest you don't realize it yet, I'm looking to start a new life in a new city. I don't yet know where or how; it's a quest in progress. I sent my savings account to the U.S. Department of Education a couple days ago. (Of course, with that bit of monthly payments out of the way, I got hit with a bi-monthly bill for that lovely bit of heartless Western culture known as "insurance".) That leaves me with about $4800 that I can use to "get started", as it were. Time to explore beyond the stagnant cornfields. I ask only for sincere, gentle, helpful guidance (not nagging and yammering). I have no particular use for more physical things; I'm likely to leave most of it here for the while, anyhow.

I'm leaving the wish list here for simple posterity. And maybe a couple of the "tilde" items. You know I'll always accept dessert.

Peace and love.

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