Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sob Story, Part Three

All right. I want to thank you, cybercitizen, for playing the role of Doctor Freud here for me. Here we go.

Things are good. Father has his television and word-search puzzle book; I have my cyberspace, with its music, virtual friends and useless job sites; things are almost ... peaceful.

Then ... a low rumbling; a subtle thunder.

The quadrupeds explode into a vocal foreshadowing of their own vocal explosion's aftermath. True, they go off for any visitor — sometimes even me — but this particular visitor elicits a unique tone; the howls are louder and in greater unanimity, as if providing a symphony its crescendo. The oldest, in particular, seems to be wailing as she did once upon a time when people left. Something disappointing must be happening; the symphony has reached its end.

They go to greet the visitor in the hopes that their greeting will instill a sense of love in the newcomer. And, for maybe half a minute, there is a kind of high, sing-song quality to the human voice in the other room. But it quickly subsides along with the tapping and sliding of paws on the hardwood floor. And, not two minutes from the dogs' initial eruption, a new cacophony echoes through the house: a blizzard of profanity and discontentment, the biting cold misery settling into the interior landscape. And I do my best to seek shelter from the storm.

Mother's home.

Letting everyone know, among many things, that she hates coming home.

So, I've gotten to thinking that maybe leaving (getting kicked out) wouldn't be such a bad thing — as long as I have a place to go and something to do when I get there.

One friend commented on Part One that I probably want a place of my own. I'm actually not convinced I want a place all my own; I'm fine sharing a place. I just don't want to share a place that's soaked in misery.

So maybe that's why I've written this whole thing: it's a call for friends and/or potential friends to maybe take me in for a while, or at least offer some tips on where to go and what to do. A couple people have made me an offer, but I'm not quite ready to accept one just yet. I guess I want to gather some options.

Today, meanwhile, I'm getting ready to talk with my career counselor at the university. And after that, I'm going to an examination where the university will determine whether or not I'm fit to stand behind a counter and sell candy bars. (I did work four solid years at a now-defunct Baskin Robbins. I miss that job.)

Peace and love be unto you.


Momo said...
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Momo said...

Sounds like you're taking some good steps! Yes, a roommate type arrangement would be awesome. It would offer some freedom...while having some $$$ assistance as well. I wish you much luck in your pursuits. You deserve every happiness.