Saturday, April 3, 2010

Relation or coincidence?

I took the train home yesterday, and I sleeplessly looked out the window most of the trip. I couldn't help but notice that, in a few of the small towns along the railroad and US 45, there's a little blue building next to the tracks. It looks the same in all those towns.....namely, it looks abandoned. I had to wonder if these small towns used to have passenger train stations and, therefore, nice little relatively local trains that stopped there. I'm a fan of public transit, and it seems a pity to not give small-townies the option thereof. I think if I were stuck in one of those small towns, I'd go ins—well, I'm already insane, but—I'd require a straitjacket, yeah. Kind of run-down looking pits of boredom, they seem.

These are the kinds of things you see on public transit.....pitiful small towns, and what seems to be a full square mile of a (one) Wal-Mart outside of Bourbonnais. (See it in Street View on Illinois 50 at "Indian Oaks", just north of the Interstate interchange.)

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