Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Re: One of those random bits that comes up in the upper right, or "Come, all Freudian disciples!"

Specifically: My train of thought hasn't really derailed so much as it has driven into a wormhole in the space-time continuum that opened up on the track, and landed on a strange planet whose predominant life forms closely resemble trains...

I just dreamt about this. The scene opens on a guy who appears to be riding a train that's running alongside another one. He's quite alone, evidently, and he shouts out his situation in the hope that someone will hear him and respond. "I'm an interplanetary explorer, and I've landed on a strange planet. Is there anyone here?" Suddenly, part of the train next to him seems to form a bizarre, kind of olive green face that speaks: "You have no idea how strange it is....." "I just got an idea," responds the human. "Kindly get off my friend," says the train. "Ow! What the hell?" says the train that the man has been riding. The man quite cinematically falls onto the sparse, dusty grass and rolls around until he stops on his back, gazing up at the trains, who have stopped as well. "Is there anything to eat in this place?" says the human. "Funny you should ask....." A lovely action scene ensues, in which the human discovers another "locomotive being," this one with humanoid life forms swarming all over, in and out of, it like an infestation of parasites. None of them speak or display any kind of "intelligence," nor do they notice him.

Flash to: something that appears to be a giant warehouse. Most of the people herein are oblivious to everything. Two are not. They run frantically in search of an elevator, which they eventually find. It seems to close and depart without them, but they manage to jam a bit of it and get in. At the wide-open top level, there's a giant sliding plexi-glass door with a wooden grid throughout—too large for a single person to budge. But, on the other side of the door.......a large group of people. Not sheeple. They work together with the two of us (oh, yeah, did I mention I'm one of the two?) to slide open the door. It gets more difficult the closer we get to opening it, but we do eventually produce a wide-enough crack for the two of us to squeeze through. The lot of us proceed to fly over the dull grey parking lot into the similarly dull grey sky.

I continue to see that grey light unique to a rainy sky. Except everyone else has disappeared. I momentarily remain in the sort of suspension that I sing about in "Frequent Flyer." The light briefly changes color just a little bit, but the same grey remains.....just on the other side of the sheets that have hitherto shielded my suddenly half-open eyes......

Well, I hope you enjoyed that bit of nonsense. Tune in next week when I investigate the printer at the end of the tunnel, or whatever that one says.

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