Wednesday, October 1, 2008

(original date posted unknown) A Disclaimer That I Thought Was a Good Idea

I would like to point something out to some of the "outsiders" (you know who you are) that I've directed to this blog. It's this:

While much of this blog is based in a typical "Okay, like, this is my life" manner, much of this blog is also based in a cyber-music-revolution, wherein cool, thinking people realize what's going on with the record industries and stand up to them like the proper, upright citizens they are. Any music that you may find on or through this blog is posted with the intent of (a) expressing myself when I'm too lazy or pressed for time to make an original recording, and (b) turning people on to obscure but far-out artists. In particular reference to the latter, it is quite recommended that if you dig things you hear here, you should seek out the real thing and support the artists. Please. Hopefully there is a good way to do this.

Oh, and one other disclaimer: Lucy (the cat), to my knowledge, does not have chronic or recurring headaches. She's perfectly fine, although she does require the occasional combing...otherwise she sort of mutates into the mythical Greek beast Hiddeus who's half cat and half your great-aunt's living room rug. According to Greek legend, Hiddeus spent most of her life in a secret (or "hidden," hence the origin of that word) cave in Mount Olympus and only surfaced when the scent of Greek tuna salad reached her. It is speculated that Odysseus found this cave one day, long after the Trojan war. He had gotten bored one day and decided to spend some time on Mount Olympus. He was never heard from again. Centuries later, archaeologists came across a cave in Mount Olympus with a mysterious skeleton inside, at almost the exact same time as which a British woman named Geraldine Rumsbury reported that her brown "Welcome" mat with the flower design had somehow been replaced with a rather unsightly grey shag and would whoever did this please give her her brown mat back (no one has yet responded to this request).

Anyway, enjoy the blog.


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