Thursday, September 4, 2008

On (American) Football

I know most of my fellow Americans would probably lynch me over this one, but here goes anyway: I am not a football fan. (That's American football, for you folks outside the U.S.) Football to me is a most depressing symbol of the long, cold aftermath of summer, and of Apathetic, Corporate America settled into an iron (gridiron?) groove. I suppose if I enjoyed the sport more, I may not see it this way, but, as it is, symbolism aside, I find it rather less than pleasant to watch. Perhaps it's something to do with the sport's eerie parallel to a war's battle scene, as memorably pointed out by the late George Carlin. Or maybe there's just nobody in football who's "lovable" enough for me to care, the way the Cubs are lovable in the baseball world. I just....don't dig football.

I do hope the Cubs make it as far as possible in the postseason. Maybe it'll elate me enough to get through the chills of autumn and winter.

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