Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On the Olympics

I never really gave the Olympics much thought until this year. Traditionally, the Cubs aside, sports and me have been like Baghdad and a clown on a pogo relation whatsoever between the two (at least none of which I can think). I've been in a bit of a funk recently. I mentioned this to a relative (Hi there!), and he recommended that I watch some of the Olympics. I initially didn't think very much about this suggestion, but I came to think it worth a shot. Just in time for the opening ceremony.

Wow. The opening ceremony. I wish the beings of this universe luck at producing anything that comes at all close to the majesty of this.

So I watched some events. Of course, I suppose there's a certain gravitational pull about one guy setting a record for gold medals in a single Olympiad....but Michael Phelps aside, I came to realize that the Olympics are, in fact, rather enjoyable at times, and a nice change of pace from the usual, everyday crud, even if the announcers seem a bit dim at what I think are far too many times. A great performance is truly worth seeing.

I find it easier to stay tuned in if I feel I can "connect" with the competitors. Often this is not the case. This time around, though, there seemed to be some fairly likable characters, such as Usain "Lightning" Bolt and the delightfully smiley Shawn Johnson. (I saw that, in an interview with whatshisname Bob Costas, Johnson wore these peace symbol earrings. I don't wear earrings, but if I did, they just might look like those.) There may have been more than I can recall, but you know the U.S. media.....just shine the spotlight on a select few people. Of course, I suppose it's a bit difficult to look closely at every single athlete at Beijing. We'd hardly have time to see an actual event.

Oh, and there's also Bela Karolyi. Another likable character.

Anyway, I'll miss the Olympics along that long, rough road of the same ol' same ol'. Maybe the next Olympics will be worth something as well.....?

Cheers for the tip, my dear great-uncle. Now, what to do when the Cubs are done playing......hopefully that won't be for quite a while.....

I hope some of this is coherent. I was kind of doing a bunch of things when I typed this up, and I have no idea how it has turned out.

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