Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Raw Set!

See second sticky post, where the unpolished home-recorded set has been appended. I recorded these songs some nineteen days ago, during a very brief moment in time when I had the house completely to myself — no dogs to bark (they were at the groomer's), and all other humans at work or otherwise out. Bliss.

"Beckoned" is a nice, light instrumental.

"Vicious" is not. In fact, you haven't heard me shout like that before.

"Colds Suck" is a folk song.

"Objectionism" is an instrumental with an up-tempo, "So Far From Home"-style rhythm.

"Now What" is now available in a cleaner-sounding (and sung) studio version.

And lastly, I cover Gerry Rafferty's classic "Baker Street".

I hope you enjoy! More to the point, I hope you consider my artistic cause worthy of support...!

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