Friday, December 7, 2012

Re: Isn't the Last Thing We Want For Them to Reproduce?

In a previous short post here, I pondered the common expression of "Fuck you". I didn't exactly say it that way, but you get the general idea: "Fuck you", "Go fuck yourself", "Get fucked". We say these as though they were violent ideas — and I suppose they frequently can be. Certainly the media seem to portray fucking in a negative light more often than not. But rumor has it fucking does not equal raping. I wouldn't know. But I do know from copious self-pleasure. So I got to thinking: Maybe, in origin, "go fuck yourself" is less a wish of total ruin of the subject's life, and more of a wish of an orgasm or six for the subject. Maybe.

You know what, I think I said it more succinctly in January 2011 when I wasn't totally thinking about it....

Back to the drawing board :+)~

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