Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Day Blogger Went All Femality

A handful of people in the wild, wacky world of Facebook have proclaimed this "the day Facebook went all Vagina". I guess this is what counts in this country as a protest, after the Michigan incident where a female house speaker was barred from speaking after using the word vagina in a (pro-women's-rights) speech. Okay, granted that censorship in general is a huge problem here and elsewhere that seems to be getting inexorably worse; nevertheless, I'd like to know who all — what kind of people — were behind the decision to bar this speaker. I have a hunch.

I'm not sure I've mentioned this in public so much, but I'm kind of a feminist. I'd very much like to see a matriarchal society emerge here in this digital age. I'm sure the patriarchy has been excellent for self-protective nation-states in the days before globalization, but as we come together as peoples, the need for the male brand of aggressive "conquer at all costs" leaders diminishes. Heck, if this country is any indication, the idea backfires when the leaders have nothing left to plunder but their own people. And, maybe you've noticed this, but our leaders/plunderers tend, perhaps overwhelmingly, to be men. I say, put the men to their more natural strengths — domestic physical and related labor — and get more women in charge. At least just to try it. See what the womanly touch can do for a nation — and a globalized world.

Although, perhaps somewhere within, men know they're on the way out. That might be why so many of them are quick to strip women of basic, natural needs and expressions, apparently now going so far as to prohibit use of the proper term for the female reproductive outlet.

This may be some perverse release for the men, but it is not healthful to us as a people, and I am not convinced that we're doing enough to stop it. What we need to do, I'm not sure. But if it helps ease talks between the sides, I'd like to propose a new euphemism for vagina (and other female reproductive parts). Hey, I'll be honest: vagina really isn't all that pretty a word to describe an often pretty thing.* (I have the same complaint about "orgasm".) I used this new term in my song "Sweet Release" (read and listen a few posts from the top of the blog). The term is... "femality".

This is not to be confused with "femininity". Femininity is more about qualities that play into the traditional gender role of the girl/woman. Pink, flowery dresses, long hair, quiet subservience...those are feminine qualities. Femality is simply the physical quality of being female. It's a perfectly honorable thing to have.

So if you got it, let it rock. And don't let the government or other slimy bastards get all up in your femality! Stand up for yourselves! And maybe...just maybe...take full control.

*I guess it's a pretty thing; I've not had the pleasure of encountering (m)any vaginas.

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