Saturday, September 11, 2010

Most of it seemed to make some kind of sense at the time.

—Arthur Dent

False premonition in that last post. Maybe. Or really early one. Hey, who else has a sudden strong craving for milk?

This whole "academia" scene isn't quite for me, I think. I'm sure one current professor of mine would be quick to agree. That person rather rubs me the wrong way, despite being familiar with Can (link to my review of Ege Bamyasi). I'm six years into college now, twenty-four credit hours (eight classes) from a bachelor's, and still the thought of crawling to the finish line just to trade in the ribbon for forty-some-odd years down another, horrendously dull, desert road doesn't turn me on. I say "crawling", because given my state of mind since roughly 2006, these days officially documented by a neuropsych doctor and some accomplices, I'm only taking a class or two per semester.

I don't need a whole lotsa money, I don't need a big fine car. Hell, I don't need a TV of any kind. Telephones can stuff their minutes up their charging end too. I'm perfectly happy with Internet, music and cats. ( "Year of the Cat" comes on my system.) True, there are some other things I think are rather groovy, such as heating/air conditioning and indoor plumbing, but do I really need the sort of job that requires an official degree for me to be happy?

I also wouldn't mind some traveling, but I'm sure that will come.

Happiness. It's all we need.

I appreciate the valiant efforts of some—some—folks at the university, but I'm just not feeling it there.

Well, while I work with someone to figure things out for me, anybody got any thoughts about the portrayal of human nature in The Iliad?

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