Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of Class

....Since some time in December. Hadn't been in a big crowd of students for a while. It seemed like every eighth person I saw reminded me of someone I once knew......another day, another lifetime, to quote The David. Didn't actually know anybody I saw today. Except one of the bus drivers.

See, because I'm, well, weird, I've been a college undergrad since August of 2004. The first few semesters, I actually did occasionally see someone I knew. Those days seem to have faded now, and I feel like an early primate among the more evolved (theoretically) humans. "What? No one wants to climb the trees with me and throw bananas at each other??" Well, maybe I don't do anything like that, but you get the idea.

As some readers and (cyber-)acquaintances may have guessed, I'm not that social. I have no interest in sporting events, I don't go to bars, and, in truth, I don't know what else there is that draws a good chunk of people. There's not that much local music downstate here, and I'm not sure I could afford to make a habit of seeing it if there were. Basically, I stay home, snuggle my quadrupedal friends, play some music (digital or guitar), and dig my pads in cyberspace. And sleep.

Which, incidentally, I should probably get to doing now. It's 00.47, and the semester's under way.

To sleep, perchance to dream. (Shakespeare does loom in one of my two classes this semester, but no Hamlet.) I seem to be dreaming of my dear, departed cats with increasing frequency.........

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