Monday, March 15, 2010

Trend Watch Noticer

MSN changed their homepage recently, which I noticed for the simple reason that one of my e-mail accounts is on Hotmail. They have this thing now in the lower right called a "trend watch," which lists a bunch of nouns and whether those subjects are increasing, decreasing, or remaining steady in apparent popularity.

What would be the purpose of this thing, exactly? Is it a strong suggestion to readers of what to care about? The few times I've seen Chile on there, it's always been accompanied by a red down arrow. Or are they trying to expose the shortcomings of the sort of people who use Twitter? I don't even look at Twitter myself, much less use it, so I can't really offer any comment on the sort of people who use Twitter.

Either way, it seems totally useless to me, so what I think I'll do is add a nonsensical "trend watch" to the side bar of this blog. The graphics won't be as advanced, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.

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