Sunday, April 26, 2009


It seems the perfect opportunity to have a nice rest and feel the groovy spring weather..........and the #%♦&£@$ in this neighborhood all have to rev up their lawn mowers. And they're always spread out throughout the morning, too. They can't just all do it at once. I think we should have a special time set aside for everyone who cares how their lawn looks to all come out and use their mowers. Preferably on the other side of noon.

(edit, a short while later) And car alarms. Please put these things in the history books next to powdered wigs, typewriters, and telephone cords. They accomplish nothing. It's noise pollution. Nothing more. Name one person whose car alarm was the main reason for a happy ending. See? I couldn't do it, either. Car alarms are nothing more than an obstacle between reasonable people and blissful slumber.


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